Recent News:

You can see all of our news stories on our dedicated news page but here are a couple of the most recent ones.

June 2022
Summer End of Year Party.
We were delighted to have our Summer end of year party. First we went to the Church for a service and then we followed with a lovely party in our garden. It was a special evening of chat and song. See all the photos on our News page

2nd March 2022
Mrs Binions’s Retirement Day.
On Friday 18th Feb we had a very special day to celebrate Mrs Binions’ long teaching career of nearly 36 years. We had a service, pottery and full school assembly where we sang, read memories and presented gifts. We wish Mrs Binions a happy and active retirement. You can see all the photos from the day at this link.

28th February 2022
Today’s school newsletter can be accessed from our newsletters page here

24th February 2022
The latest Covid 19 advice document from the Department of Education has been uploaded to the Covid 19 page here.

17th January 2022
We’ve uploaded the latest advice on isolating from the HSE. There are guides for both children and adults. You can read them on our Covid 19 resources page.

19th January 2022
There’s a helpful chart on the Covid-19 resources page for deciding which measures apply to the various scenarios under the current guidelines.

6th December 2021
We have uploaded the latest document on mask wearing in schools from the Department of Education onto our Covid information page here.

1st December 2021
The new guidance regarding the wearing of face masks by primary school students is available to read here.

29th November 2021
Here’s a useful flow chart to help parents understand the latest set of Covid 19 guidelines for schools.

11th November 2021
Science Week! Head over to our news page to read all about Science Week and see more great photos of what we got up to!

4th November 2021
Our latest news letter has been uploaded here for you to read.

7th October 2021
COVID-19 Update
We would like to draw your attention to the latest Covid guidelines for parents document from the HSE. You can read the full document here. The HSE guidelines on runny noses is:
“What about if my child has a mild symptom like a runny nose? If your child has a runny nose, but is otherwise in good health and good form, then they can go to school. If your child has a runny nose and other symptoms and seems a little off form, then they should stay home from school or childcare. You should watch their symptoms and contact their GP for advice if you are worried. Children with chronic symptoms should not be regularly or routinely excluded from school or social and sporting settings.”

28th September 2021
Another newsletter is available to view here along with the previous few.

25th August 2021
The latest newsletter has been uploaded to the news page. You can read it here.

25th August 2021
Covid-19 update:
As school reopens today, here are some information resources we uploaded recently that parents may find useful.
– The Reopening Plan details the various ways the school is working to protect the safety of pupils and staff during the pandemic.
– There’s this leaflet issued by the HSE on self-isolating and restricting movement. It contains lots of good, easy to follow advice on how and when to do this.
– Thirdly, there’s this useful leaflet from the Department of Education and Skills on Back to School Advice for Parents