Meet the staff.

Mrs. Doyle

Mrs Doyle is our principal and teaches the Junior and Senior infants.

Mrs. Spencer

Mrs. Spencer is the deputy principal and teaches 5th and 6th classes.

Mrs. Binions

Mrs. Binions holds the position of Assistant Principal ll, is a Special Education Teacher and works supporting junior infants through to second class pupils.

Mrs. Byrne

Mrs. Byrne is a Special Education Teacher who job shares with Ms. O’Grady supporting 3rd-6th Classes

Miss Horan O’Neill

Miss Horan O’Neill teaches first and second class pupils

Miss Sherlock

Miss Sherlock is a Special Education Teacher and runs “The Hub”, our resource class.

Mrs. Railton

Mrs. Railton teaches third and fourth classes.

Ms. O’Grady

Ms. O’Grady is a Special Education Teacher and job shares with Mrs. Byrne supporting 3rd-6th Classes

Lynda Woolmington

Lynda is one of our Special Needs Assistants (SNA)

Sarah Collier

Sarah Collier is a Special Needs Assistant and works in “The Hub” with Miss Sherlock

Claudia Byrne

Claudia is a classroom assistant and works throughout the school.

Anne Marie O’Connor

Anne Marie is our school secretary and works in the office.