Junior & Senior Infants

Junior infants 2022/23
Senior Infants 2022/23

Welcome to the infants room page. The infants room is a very busy classroom with lots of exciting activity!

May 2023
During May we started our walk on Wednesdays which we also combined with a litter pick. In Aistear we started to learn about the European Union and countries in Europe starting with Italy. We welcomed Gabriel & Rosa’s Mum & Dad who gave us a great overview of what it is like to live in Italy. We enjoyed celebrating the European Day where we sang “Ode to Joy” and raised the European Flag. We started our bike workshops which were great fun.Christien Van Bussell visited our classroom and we were delighted to have fun making our own butterflies which will be displayed on the side of the school. We also enjoyed taking part in Avondale GAA camps. We were delighted with the arrival of our new garden swing set. 

April 2023
Once we came back from Easter holidays our first task was to construct boats and bring them to the river in the park. It was a great success with lots of boats succeeding on their maiden voyage. We started playing tennis with Yvonne which everyone loves. In Aistear we started to learn about visiting the dentist and the optician where we enjoyed using our science models of the eye and the teeth. 

March 2023
On World Book Day we were visited by a fantastic author and illustrator who taught us how to draw puffins from his book.
In Aistear we visited the local garda station where we had a brilliant tour of the station and the Garda car. We then were so excited to welcome the fire engine and fire officers to school. They even let us use their hose – we felt like real fire officers.
We had a very busy Seachtain na Gaeilge where we enjoyed Irish dancing, reading together “as Gaeilge” and every day someone was awarded as the Gaeilgeoir an Lae. We concluded Seachtain na Gaeilge with a great “La Glas” and some dancing with our parents.  We visited the Lifeboat in Wicklow and had a very enjoyable play in the Murrough Playground.We finished March with welcoming some new Easter chicks and an Easter egg hunt. 

February 2023
The infants had a busy February with lots of exciting activities.
We celebrated St Brigid’s day by making simple St Brigid crosses and cloaks. The senior infants finished their write-a-books and proudly sent them off for judging.We have been working hard on our kindness awards in our classrooms. In Aistear we learned about Spring and Valentine’s Day. In addition we enjoyed an excellent visit from Na Gardai, the scientist Christine who worked on chromotology with us and we did some lovely planting in our garden.

January 2023
Happy New Year Everyone! We are delighted to be back in school and we have lots of exciting activities planned.
Our theme in Aistear is food so we are learning about supermarkets and a restaurant. We made our own soup from vegetables and our own healthy brown bread. 
We started dance class with Kate and everyone is loving it.
We are enjoying being back with Caroline for GAA and the junior infants have started reading the Oxford Reading Tree books. 

December 2022
We kicked off our Christmas season with a wonderful visit to the Gaiety to see the Jungle Book. It was a wonderful day of music & fun. 
We then really enjoyed our Christmas Carol Service in St. Saviour’s Church. All the children sang, read and performed in an amazing way. It was a joyful evening and it was so wonderful to see all our families together in Church. 
We then enjoyed singing with the other schools in Rathdrum to officially turn on the lights in Rathdrum. Following this we focused on the final preparations of our School Christmas Play – A Magical Christmas Jigsaw. It was lots of hard work but it was such an amazing night. The children were so fantastic and exceeded everyone’s expectations. Before our Christmas break we enjoyed our School Christmas Party where Santa visited in a beautiful red camper van and the children & parents enjoyed an opportunity to relax and have a chat. 
Happy Christmas Everyone.

November 2022
We were delighted to have a very busy science week with lots going on. We were focusing on reusing our old clothes to make super-hero capes. We learned about how to dye clothes and to make them reusable. At the end of the week we had a school fashion show.
We were busy in Aistear learning about the train station and sustainable transport. We learned about making choices that are good for the environment.We re-used old balls of wool to make beautiful decorations. It was great fun.
We really enjoyed singing “Wide wide as the ocean” for the visit of our Archbishop Dr Michael Jackson. It was a very special day when our new building extension was officially opened. 

Maths Week 2022
We had a very exciting Maths week. We enjoyed maths trails, active maths classes, maths champions and a maths passport with 5th & 6th classes.

October 2022
It was another busy month in the junior and senior infant classroom. We started Aistear which everyone was delighted about. Our theme was school and the library. We visited the library in Rathdrum which was a lovely morning of reading & fun. We really enjoyed our mask workshop that was funded by the Wicklow County Council and loved the day up in the RDA hall where we had a parade with the rest of the school. We constructed witches as our Halloween art and enjoyed playing all the traditional Halloween games. We had a super dress up day followed by a Halloween scavenger hunt in the memorial park. 
Wishing everyone a lovely mid-term break. 

September 2022
We have had a very busy month in the infant room. We were delighted to welcome 16 new infants who have settled in beautifully into St. Saviour’s NS. We have enjoyed spending time in the garden and getting to know our school. The junior infants have started the jolly phonics programme and learning to write their letters. The senior infants are working on their digraphs and practising their reading every day. We visited the beach in Brittas Bay and love our music class with Chiara. 

April 2022
We are all looking forward to our Easter break and lots of yummy chocolate. The children enjoyed a wonderful egg hunt in our beautiful garden and were delighted to each receive an Easter egg. We enjoyed Easter art with Diane and a karate class with Dara. We all look forward to our music class each week with Chiara and we enjoyed a yummy Easter chocolate nest that we made in Aistear. Happy Easter Everyone.

March 2022
During March we enjoyed learning about St Patrick and we loved using our Gaeilge in seachtain na Gaeilge. Every day we found different ways to use our Gaeilge – games, PE, reading with older children, baking and every day someone was Gaeilgeoir an lae. We had a great day dressing in green and celebrating everything about being Irish. We also had World Book Day where we dressed up as our favourite book character.

February 2022
February was our Friendship month where we worked on being kind and caring to everyone in our school.
In Aistear we learned about doctors and nurses. We constructed a stethoscope and doctors bag in art. In home corner we had great fun acting out working in a doctor’s surgery. We made a doctor’s surgery in small world and wrote acrostic poems in reading & writing.

January 2022
We are so happy to be back in school for another exciting year.
In Aistear we learned about healthy eating and the Chinese New Year which is the year of the dragon.
For our healthy eating we made healthy pizzas which we all enjoyed and in home corner we acted out a supermarket.
For Chinese New Year we pretended to visit China and enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year.
We enjoyed a visit from a scientist who told us all about potions and what happens when we mix liquids together.
We are delighted to be back playing rugby with Noely and also continuing to enjoy GAA with Caroline.

Christmas 2021
We hope you enjoy watching our nativity play!

December 2021
We are all getting very excited about Christmas. Each classroom is preparing our Christmas play and we loved acting them out in St. Saviour’s Church.
Santa visited school to an amazing grotto in our garden.
Our disco day was the best fun with a special disco in our 3rd & 4th classroom.
In Aistear we learned about the Christmas story and had great fun dressing up as the parts of the story.
Everyone loves Christmas in the infant room.

November 2021
In the infant room we were very excited learning about shapes & colours and the season of Winter. We painted colour wheels and learned how mixing primary colours will create secondary colours. We also learned about the signs of Winter and how it is different to other seasons.

We had an amazing drumming workshop where we all got to play the drums. During science week we saw an electric car, created inventions with lego and we even got to be on RTE. The best part of was the visiting pet farm – everyone enjoyed meeting all the lovely animals.

October 2021
It seems like October was over in a flash! We were very active with maths week. We enjoyed problem solving, maths trails, maths wizards and lots more. We loved visiting Kilmacurragh Gardens to learn about hedgehog habitats, trees and having fun in the big tree!! For Halloween, we loved carving our pumpkins, finding the ring in the fainne, playing Bob the apple and baking slime buns!! What fun we had wearing our pjs to school on pyjama day and ate our breakfast in school.

September 2021
We are delighted to be back in school and we welcome all our lovely junior infants. 
For the first few weeks we work on getting used to school life again and settling in the new junior infants. 
We started lots of exciting new things :
– GAA with Caroline
– Rugby training with Noelie
– Karate with Dara
– The junior infants started the Jolly Phonics programme
– The full class started Aistear, learning about our families and our houses 

2020/2021 Highlights

April 2021
Before Easter it was super to have the remaining classes back in school with us. We welcomed Ms Spencer into our class who is completing her teaching practise with us. She brought in some lovely eggs that will hatch into fluffy chicks. We are learning all about the life cycle of the chick and we were so excited to meet them. Before Easter we had a fantastic Easter Egg Hunt in the garden and every child received an Easter Egg. In Aistear we are learning about a firefighter and we walked up to the fire station in Rathdrum. We acted out being a firefighter and enjoyed constructing a fire engine in art. After Easter we were delighted to restart our GAA training with our GAA coach Caroline. 

March 2021
We are so happy to be back in school. It is lovely to see our friends and learn in the classroom again. We were really delighted to return to our normal routines of reading, learning our sounds and maths. Our first Aistear theme for March was  Garda Siochana. We visited the Garda station in Rathdrum and enjoyed learning what it is like to be a Garda. In our Aistear we acted out being in a Garda station and constructed a Garda puppet. It was great fun.

January & February 2021
We are really missing being in school but we working hard at home.
During January, our theme was all about food so we learned about the supermarket, restaurant and the little Red Hen story.
During February, our theme was visiting countries so we visited Africa, Brazil and China. We loved hearing from Magnus about Brazil, Catriona about China and listening to the story Handa’s Surprise to learn about Africa.
On Fridays, we had fun zooms where we had house hunts, dress up, pet day and bingo.
We worked very hard on our daily zooms to learn Gaeilge, phonics, reading and maths.
We are looking forward to getting back to school in March.

December 2020
During December, we were busy preparing for our Christmas video.
The infants performed a poem about reindeer and a little drama of the nativity story.
In Aistear, we learned about the Christmas nativity and the Christmas toyshop.
We loved visiting the playground and went on an elf hunt in the park.
We were so happy when Santa came to school to visit us. We all received a chocolate Santa and a lovely present from Santa.
Happy Christmas everyone.

November 2020
Science Week was very exciting during November.
Our theme was Space and the infant room constructed our own rockets.
We created a poem all about our space adventures. We listened to Niamh Shaw telling us all about her hopes and dreams of traveling into Space. The most exciting part was that RTE News2Day came to our school to video all our Science week activities. It was so much fun. In Aistear, our theme was explorers and we continued with learning about Space and Antarctica. We had great fun continuing to have soccer and tennis lessons.

October 2020
During Maths week we had lots of exciting maths activities = maths trails, maths wizards, maths songs and lots moreWe enjoyed our art workshop with Diane where we created beautiful leaf birds.We had a super dress up day and enjoyed seeing everyone dressed up. 

September 2020
We were delighted to welcome our junior infants into St. Saviour’s and we also welcomed a new child in our senior infant class. It is so exciting to be back together again in school. Junior Infants started learning their jolly phonics and senior infants are busy revising all our sounds and practising our reading

2019/2020 Highlights

March 2020
We had a super day at our Green School’s Action Day. We made sock puppets and learned about reducing plastic in our homes and school. We also had a great presentation from the Wicklow County Council about our environment.
February 2020
We welcomed the Glendalough Park Rangers to our classroom and learned lots about nature all around us.
January 2020
We returned to school after Christmas and were really happy to get back to our normal routines of Aistear and learning.
December 2019
Our Christmas Play this year was “Stable Manners”. We loved being part of the play.
The School Christmas Party was a wonderful evening of magic and festivities. It is such a great night and we love visiting Santa.
November 2019
We were learning about cowboys, princesses & knights and superheroes in Aistear. We had lots of fun in home corner, small world, art and reading & writing.
October 2019
We had great fun dressing up for Halloween and parading with the school in the hall. We also welcomed Mr Z who taught us how to make a go kart go faster.
September 2019
We welcome all our new junior infants and are delighted to be back in school. The weather is good so we are up in our garden lots of the time.