Student Council

The Student Council meet regularly on Wednesday afternoons. They discuss a variety
of topics such as issues in the school yard, fundraising ideas and ways to further
develop a friendly school environment for our pupils. This year we made sure that all
classes have the correct playground equipment for each class. Recently, Student
Council suggested the addition of monkey bars in our Sensory Garden as they are a
great activity to develop children’s physical and brain strength. We are now waiting on
our monkey bars to be delivered!
This year the Student Council have organised “Funday Friday” for all children. Every
Friday, children from 3 rd to 6 th class go into the Small Yard at Little Break to play with
the junior classes. This helps to develop social and play skills among the younger
children in a fun and enjoyable manner. Recently, members have come up with idea of a
“Suggestion Box” for each classroom. The idea is that children who may feel self-
conscious or nervous about approaching a Student Council member can instead write
down their worry, concern or idea and pop it in the box. Student Council members will
then discuss the notes and suggest solutions or ideas to help. Keep up the great work!!