5th & 6th Classes

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October 2022

The lovely weather in October gave us lots of opportunity play in the garden. We completed Native Irish animal projects and learned about Tectonic Plates and Volcanoes. We had such a great week during Maths Week. Each day brought a new set of Maths challenges. The whole class enjoyed creating and organising Maths Trails for the younger classes.

It was wonderful to get back to the Diocesan Annual School’s Church service in Christchurch Church Catherdal. Ciara and Caoilfhionn read prayers as 6th class joined other schools from all over the Diocese.
5th class had a tour of St Patrick’s Cathedral. Both classes visited Marsh’s Library, the oldest public library in Ireland. Texts on display were in Latin, Greek and even old Ukrainian. After lunch we visited the ‘Clothes We Wore’ exhibition in Collins Barracks and then on to see the military collection. The final excitements were a trip to Eddie Rockets and Tesco in Stillorgan before heading home.

On the last day of swimming term, we finished up the session with a trip to the Playground.

With the Rathdrum Samhan Festival for schools, making haunted houses and our own dress up Active Flag Day, Halloween was a busy time. We also got use the lanterns made in the Art Workshop.

2022 September update
Our new school year, started with an action packed month. We welcomed Caoilfhoinn and Raya to our class and hope that they will be very happy in our school family. Below are some of our highlights. We welcomed the new 5th class, baked scones, learned about OS maps, had some fun in our school garden, built bridges to support 1Kg weight, learned to play Téigh ag Iascaireacht (card game in Irish), made clay mascots, baked decorative harvest bread

2021 October Update
October was a busy month! 5th and 6th class had planned to do a section of the Wicklow Way but poor weather conditions resulted in plan B. We had a lovely time on the Avondale River Walk instead as rain was replaced with sunshine.
We made some Halloween art, and had a pyjama day and school breakfast.
We learned about problem solving with lollipop sticks and how to play whist.

2021 September update
Check out or super recipe ideas in our Fridge Raiders page!
It is so great to be back together after Covid. Here are some photos of what we’ve been up to.
Seniors have moved to the hall while the new classroom is being built.
We chose our own science projects. Projects included investigating and growing cultures of bacteria, the properties of liquids and the physics of force. We plan to develop some of these ideas for Science Blast.
We had a class reward for our excellent work, a trip to the park in Rathdrum.
As well as exploring colour in art, we also involved some maths and enjoyed working with symmetry and art.
We baked breads for harvest celebrations. Each loaf tells a harvest story. Loaves were sent to each church as part of The Harvest Festival .
Exploring 2D shapes. Interior design Mini challenge.
Rinne Rang a Cúig agus Rang a Sé subh smeara dubha agus arán traidisiúnta . Bhí an rang cócaireachta i nGaeilge. Bhaineamar an-taitneamh as.

2019/2020 Blog

Welcome to the 5th and 6th class blog. Here are some highlights from the 2019/2020 school year.
The very first thing we did was to take a photograph of our new 6th class on the first day of their last year in St. Saviour’s. In September we had some great weather and we took the opportunity to use our outdoor classroom. That same month we were delighted to discover that we had got a place in Peace Proms. It had been one of the highlights of the last school year so it was great news. Our first job was to send off a photograph of ourselves all sitting on the school stairs.

Art in action
In September we studied biomes. The class split into 6 groups so we could become more familiar with the different habitats. As well as researching aspects relating to climate, biodiversity and habitats, each group also produced a piece of art to depict their biome.

October 2019: Inter-Schools Rugby Blitz in Rathdrum Rugby Club

Trip to Dublin
Every year 5th and 6th class head to Dublin. 6th class go to the Diosescan School’s Service in Christchurch Cathedral while 5th class visit St Patrick’s Catherdal. We had liunch in the park where the 5th class girls posed for the camera. The next stop was the National Gallery. Our guide brought us to see a great variety of material. The picture we’re looking at in the photos is called ‘Aoife and Strongbow’. After the gallery we went to visit the Natural History Museum. Everyone loved the Natural History Museum. It was incredible to think that some of these animals had been alive in Ireland! Our final stop of the Day was in Stillorgan to go to Eddie Rockets and to buy some treats.

As we prepared for our Christmas play Catherine came and took some great class photographs. Sam Wakeford came in to talk about trees and show us some of the incredible tools he uses in his work. Everyone’s imagination was captured by the humungeous chainsaw.

The Christmas play was brilliant fun. Luke and Turlough took to their role as rapping angels, William and Alex enforced the law and the animals from the Stable (Manners) had attitude. We celebrated and enjoyed each other’s company.

In the Senior Room we had a party on the last day of the Christmas term and a Kriskindle.

We went to BT Young Scientist and exhibited our submarine technology in the Primary Science Fair (and have a great plaque to show off!)

Next stop was Peace Proms, History Project Day, FAI football and much much more.In March we had a brilliant time on Green School’s Day. We made sock puppets as part of our upcycling workshop.