The Hub

The Hub is the name given to our dedicated resource class for children with autism. The Hub is committed to developing an educational setting which is focused on the needs of the pupils and enables learning to take place in a safe environment while facilitating integration into mainstream classes.  

Spring 2023
We had great fun in The Hub recently. We enjoyed our Easter egg hunt and fashion show, held some newly hatched chicks, learned how to cycle our balance bikes and baked some delicious treats!

October 2022
This month we learned about our senses and had lots of fun tasting and smelling foods. We made some autumn art that we’re very proud of and we had great a trip to the new library in Rathdrum. We read a story about Aliens who love underpants and had great fun making our own aliens out of home made playdough! We also found time to make some very delicious rice crispie buns. Yum!!

September 2022
We have really been enjoying our new classroom this year and we’ve already done so many fun activities! We’ve had sensory play with sand and water, have been working on our fine motor skills and we had a trip to the beach.

2019/2020 Highlights

We were so excited to open our ASD class this year. Below are photos from just some of the fun and interesting activities we have done.
We really enjoy STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) challenges. We like to try interesting experiments and we discovered how to make a sparkling explosion and gooey slime.
Sensory play with shaving foam and lentils is great fun too and helps us with our letter formation. We wrote our ‘Write a book’ stories and enjoyed painting by numbers which also helps us work on our maths skills!